Monday, February 13, 2012

My Book is Published

Here is my book! 
You can order it from Here's the link 

My First of Others

This is my first -and hopefully- of others. Started in 1998, I’ve been writing poetry since. Some of them with dates, some of them just came on a plate. This book is filled by three factors; Words of Wishes, Bitter Enlightenment and Sweet Clueless.

I believe even the happiest smile ever tasted bitter before, every mourned heart ever touched by laughters and we are how we present ourselves or not, in society.

Beneath those words I freed myself; I empathized and fed my emotion, I’ve pulled my darkest mind to the surface and dragged my angelic thoughts to the depth.

In the end, I can only hope you would understand, that in words we can swim and dream. If you can enjoy the swim then I’m living a dream.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

He is a Hero

He is a Hero


Leader’s defame, one thing we can’t resist
Remember, that One ever suspected communist,
Another One hid behind father’s name,
Next One, took his seat for granted,
And this One, trying too hard to fame
But those were nothing wrong, we had red
Never born clean politicians were, I believe it
Or they were, until they captured in tricky mist

Why hating him so much?
Look at yourselves and your bluntly words
Keep saying name of God, to got us touched
Please! We already know your chords

Atleast he led us to roar back, to set the trend
Now, you can’t even fulfill your promises
What? Would’ve never thought back then?
Run a country none like dealing private crisis

Please show us more hypocrisy
So you can add more sugar to your so called democracy
Despite of his corruption judication,
He faught well for this country
Now tell me, which politician hasn’t tasted that seduction?

I believe if you recalculate,
His efforts will overly climb his mistakes
No need all the debates,
He deserves to be called hero, that’s it!

*About former President of Indonesia, Soeharto (1921-1998).
I believe that every people who faught for one’s country deserved the HERO tag, despite of all his mistakes and corruption or whatsoever they’ve said -which in these days still a trend.-
            I’m aware that this writing will have a lot of critics. Well, I just spoke up what I observed. If you’re not agree with it, make your own verse, that’s it! J

Friday, August 19, 2011

Gloom Love

Gloom Love


We fought a lot for no reason
Can’t believe that our last was my tomb
In the end,
I will always search for you
But for you, all I only gave was gloom

Monday, August 8, 2011



I look at your inside
Definitely different from your outside
I try to stir you and see what will happen
Will you still you or hide behind weapon
You change color straight away
I’m disappointed in a way



He catches dreams in struggling minds
He extracts them into a darkened one
Sends them back into our thoughts
Will haunt our reality and kill us slowly
Not going crazy is more than lucky!
Does he even exist?
It was my same question
Once, he grabbed my wrist
His grey abstract existence,
Only I could see
My luck has fleed freely
I gave my left strength as a wimp
I can feel he writes my obituary
My hopes has turned to grim scheme

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dream or Reality



I just realized
My life’s been cheated on me
My luck is never lucky
It is never myside it belongs to be
Fright dreams gives me a goodnight kiss
Me, not the same since
Friends act like enemies
Family, they treat me in brutality
Who am I? Is it still the same with Me?
Was it the dream or reality that took my sanity?
Are they real, or I deny them to be,
Since those are too painful for me

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mirror (Cermin)


Kupandangi cermin didepan berdiriku
Akankah bayangan itu berubah?
Mungkinkah bayangan itu memudar?
Bayangan itu senyata nafasku
Bayangan itu sepasti lukaku
Semakin dalam dukaku saat melihatmu
Cermin fana pengungkap dusta

Sembunyikanlah nyatamu
Aku malu dan pilu
Pudarkanlah bayangmu
Aku luka dan berduka
Retakkanlah wujudmu!

Aku ingin melupakannya
Bayang semu diriku
Bayang semu senyata dustaku
Bayang semu senyata dosaku



I stare at the mirror in front of my stand
Would my reflection changed?
Is there any maybe it will be faded?
This reflection as real as my breath
This reflection as precise as my sad,
And it gets deeper when I see you,
The disguise revealing mirror makes me blue

Please, hide your reality
I’m embarassed and in no clue
Fade me my reflection
I’m wounded and escaped from truth
Break me yourself, I’m begging you!

I want to break me,
My reflection in disguise,
The disguised me in falsity
My disguised me needs clarity!

Friday, June 24, 2011



Postpone everything and be nothing
Do everything and be something

Tuesday, June 21, 2011



In every single tear I can see you
In every single tear I can taste you
Describe it yourself how big I miss you
You aware very well how much I want you
It’s only a little favor I need from you
Please take these tears away, I’ll thank you
The tears that remind me of you

Monday, June 20, 2011

America, the Melting Pot for Freedom


Ones might know the value for tolerance
Let’s ask Americans for their multicultural life
How has it been?
Are they living in a camouflage screen?

Ones might throw their identities
Let’s ask Americans for their multicultural life
Should we keep our ethnicities unseen?
Or we keep our sanities in between?

Ones might keep their entities
Let’s ask Americans for their multicultural life
Can they socialize easily?
Or they only do chat briefly?

Ones might blend-in perfectly
Let’s ask Americans for their multicultural life
Can they act in melting pot fairly?
Or they mind their popularities only?

Friday, June 17, 2011



I can write what I want
I can write what I think
I can write what I know
I did, write what I saw
I just can’t,
Can’t write what I see…

The Bads & The Unsads

If you care the others
You’ll be cared by them
If you care with love
You’ll be loved by them
None of caress lives for the bads
But not every caress fed by the unsads
As long as the sad has caused the good
There won’t be a big stone blocking your boat
That will bring you to the love, that gold

The Bads & The Unsads

If you care the others
You’ll be cared by them
If you care with love
You’ll be loved by them
None of caress lives for the bads
But not every caress fed by the unsads
As long as the sad has caused the good
There won’t be a big stone blocking your boat
That will bring you to the love, that gold

About Care

Everyone needs caress not careless
Everyone wants happiness not sadness
None of ones wants to be unseen, but to be famous
Everyone needs to be believed
Not just being relieved
Everyone needs a solve
Not a lot of words
Everyone knows about care
But not everyone makes it fair
Everyone knows how to care
But not everyone can run it dare

I’ll See You Again

I’ll See You Again

There are tears on my eyes
Streaming away like a falls
Your love wasn’t as that precise
And I, don’t even have a word, just cry
It seems too far away
To break my heart with one slay

Friend, thanks for been a friend
I know I wouldn’t survive without you
After you gone, I’m getting string
I know you’re gone but not for long
Cos I’ll see you again
Up there,
Up in heaven

Triangle Love

Triangle Love

Both of them are my friends
They fall in love each other
And I’m the cupid man
Time’s getting far and their love won’t be over
I guess this is the deal
Could you realize of what I feel?
Could you save and make me healed?
No, you could not
Cos I love him, the one that you love

Help Me

I saw my own reflection
Stood still next to my own devotion
I looked the anger inside my eyes
It burned myself and was covered by lies

Inside me, I screamed
So loud I couldn’t feel my ears
I was hoping, was in a dream
So much I could feel my tears

That was why I’m here
I lost myself without you
I’ve felt my biggest fear
Please help me to get through

No Goodbye

I love you!
Maybe that’s the words
That I can say to you
No one will separate me from you
Don’t worry,
Cos I won’t leave you

Someone in my neighbor life
Just made my dream seems alive
Although the time seems to run
I know you’ll always be my sun

Two and a half days
Already made me falling for you
Just listen to what I say
Cos I won’t make you feel blue



They have eyes
But they never see
They have ears
But they never hear

I, only depends on my hands and feet
The can settle their needs good
I have no crime to taste and meet
Which in their lives are really should

Everybody hates me
Everybody away from me
What have I done?
Should I be gone
And never be seen by one?

Maybe that’s the better way
And in this dimension I lay
That I have never ever met rays
Which always brighten up their days

Is this what I get?
Or just the world that forget
To give me what I shoud had
For I never did what has called bad


You’re the light of my life
You’re the beat of my heart
You’re my sense in my starve
I hope, I always have you by myside
You’re the spirit of my beating heart
You always cling on my trembling part

When my hollow turns to sorrow,
You’re my only hero
For me, you are my hallow
Mother, I can never say thanks enough

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Unique Relationship


Shhh… there’s no need to harsh about
What I told you at first
“You’re here holding my heart
And I’m here after your purse”

No...No need to count our age
No need to assemble our lives
We're not in a relationship's cage
We're in our hidden and sacred hive

We will act in silence
Let no world find out
I can only give my persistence
We’re important for each other a lot

The effect of this is sweet
You got your satisfying pleasure
I got my own treat
But this is only this, just want to make sure

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tolerance and Recognition in Difference


From Singapore to Indonesia
To be a peaceful melting-pot country, we try
To admit what race you are without shy
And still able to be you without a lie
Exactly, that’s what we see in America
The united states that filled with hundreds ethnicities
Maybe even thousands and still keep their entities

Have you seen anything more colorful than this
Rainbow in humanities, no time for conflict crisis
Where all skin colors cover earth surface in degradation
With our hands clasp together singing winning revolution
People’s most beautiful innovation
Tolerance in Difference and Recognition

Charismatic in Fame


From Brad Pitt to him
I changed my taste, it seemed
A guy with red hair and pale skin
Not to mention his natural freckles
Practically, those sound not that keen
But again, his roles are miracles

Can you watch ‘Dream Catcher’ actors
Without laying a concern on him
Can you observe his ‘Band of Brothers’
Without got stunned by him
Can you track his ‘Life’ factors
Without wish for a husband like him
You cannot, can you?
That’s what I feel too

He’s just too precious
To be missed by blinkings
He’s too gorgeous
To be cut by commercial linkings
I know you know who I mean
Or you never heard his name
His charisma, I’ve seen
He, surely, more than just a fame

(Inspired by Damian Lewis)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What If


What if I’m the one who cheats
What if you’re the one who hurt
Will our love be departed wish
Or you’ll give me chance for another start

What if you’re the one who love me so
Will I ask you to go
Will you beg me to stay
Or you’ll be the one for away

What if you love me more
Instead of lusted by her
So what am I here for?
You ripped me to the core

Now I’ll leave for sure
We’re not for each other
My love is too pure
For you to ignore

Friday, June 10, 2011

Broken Heart

My life was great
Moved on perfect
There’s none of fake
Really fantastic
But now it’s ruined off
Just because of one lost call
She called him, the one that I love
She, the one that I hate, now definitely loves him

Dangerous Love

Bring here, bring here
Bring your heart
Come to me
I’ve lived in dusty pain
I’ve absorbed dirty lies
Just like what I’ve been taught and trained

Why are you still kicking?
Me, just trembling
Why you are yelling?
I was just drawling

Am I good enough for you?
You’re the one I always go to
Should I bleed to tell you I love you



Once we said Your name in our hearts
We will say It all over again
Terrorists say Your name in anger
Before they kill others
That’s their faultiest fault

Once we found You in our souls
We have the path with Your directions
Not the brutal one they’ve been told
Indeed, in this life, to You only we surrender

The Lord of All

You are The One
You are The Law
In everyside of this universe claw
To You we bow

You’re not our number one
But we know for sure
We’re still your dearest daughters and sons

We will always come to You
Our Lord of all law
Lord of happiness and sorrow
Heart’s Lighter in our darkest
Gentlest Touch in our toughest
Please keep us from clueless and sadness

Man of Sorrow

Traveling the time
Always searching for something
The tears will come
Without everyone thinking
Maybe God cursed me
Since I live in sorrow
Maybe only time can heal me
My life just like a borrow
Shall I regret it
If my life just like an arrow
Shall I forget it
Because my heart always in sorrow
Nothing to regret now
Since none to fight for now
Nothing is left now
To save my own self anyhow

I think even God too jaded to take me


Saat lahir ditimang ibunya
Saat kecil wanita digendong ayahnya
Beranjak remaja wanita dipeluk kekasihnya
Kala dewasa wanita diikat getir hidupnya
Setelah menikah wanita diperlakukan istimewa,
Disiksa prianya

Apakah Cinta?

Jika mencintai lebih sering menangis
Jika dicintai lebih sering merintih
Dan apabila memiliki sama dengan menderita
Maka lebih baik aku sendiri

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I never wondering about something this much
I just need to know
Where can I find love?
Where will I find love?
Pure love
No games, no thoughts
Only love. Just love

This Day

This day
The day that I’ve waited forever
This day
The day that I’ve missed ever
This day
The main day of all
This day
The day I say I do!

Would You


Nothing in this world is too expensive for you
I’d buy everything
Nothing in this world is too heavy for you
I’d do anything
Nothing in this world is too difficult for you
I’d work all the thing
Nothing in this world is impossible for you
Only for you! For you! Cos I love you
Now would you?
What about you?

Saat Kau Terlelap


Kutatap wajahmu
Masih cantik
Sedikit tersenyum, meski kutahu kau sangat lelah
Tampak kau nikmati mimpimu
Mimpi dalam duniamu sendiri
Andai aku dapat mewujudkannya didunia nyata
Aku janji aku kan berusaha
Sehingga tidak kecewa kau lahirkanku ke dunia



Sungguh tampan dirinya
Bagaikan wajah yang diukir tangan malaikat
Hati sebening kristal dan akal sejernih berlian
Langkah tegap, badan tegak
Kulit yang mempesona
Tutur yang santun dan akhlak yang terhormat
Keramahan yang memabukkan
Jika ada pria seperti ini
Sisakan satu untukku, Tuhan

Rumah Apung

Rumah Apung

Budak kecil tertawa riang
Diatas rumah yang bergoyang
Tinggal serumah dengan kasih sayang
Bukan berjalan tapi berenang

Dia merasa beruntung memiliki rumah layaknya ini
Dengan lahan luas, laut didekatnya, sungai dibawahnya
Tidak ada listrik hanya bulan dan bintang
Tetap saja dia riang
Tergusur, tidak dikenalnya

Monday, June 6, 2011

I Could

I could feel heaven
By imagining kissing your lips
I could feel breeze
By imagining touching your cheek

I could die then awaken
By feeling your touch
I could jump and levitate
By hearing your voice

I could reap my ribs
Just to make you smile
I could kill myself
Just to make you satisfied

That is big, my feeling for you
But I could break my own heart
If you know
That I do love you

I Love You

(Someday in the Past)

You make my heart jump by looking at me
You make my day bright by talking to me
You make my life beautiful by smiling at me
I’m stopped by your whisper, I’m burned by your touch
I’m filled with the thoughts of you
You…you…you…I’m in love with you

Time After Time

Time after time
Will cure me
After my own heart killing me
Turning by the time
You won’t still beside me

Maybe it’s not possible
But neither impossible
If you’re really my perfect card
You won’t separate our hearts

Eventhough in your heart
You will fight me
I still believe we won’t be apart
But again, you’ve left me

Time after time
Will cure me
After my own heart killing me
Turning by the time
I still hope you were here with me

Time after time
Curing in the perfect time
Loving you, is like running out of time
Time after time, please cure me…

Dearest Husband

Dearest Husband

I can hear you’ll be here
Going upstairs

I have you here
In front of me
The one you call dear

I got your hand
Beside my stand
Waves up my head

I see you leave
Behind your sleeves
I can still hear myself crying
But just too shy to set it high even after I tried

My heart racing, aching and bleeding
My dearest has just made a scar in my deepest part
Of my deepest heart



Am I in an infinite dark?
I see none
I hear silence

I always try shouting
But I can’t hear anything
I always try to reach everything
But I can’t feel anything

It just quiet
But at all, I’m not deaf
Nothing’s left
I’m tired

A senseless me
In a helpless space
And unbearable time



That man,
Makes me love him
Want him
Miss him
That man can show me how to treat him
Out of his imperfection
Unbelievable reaction

That man
Whose love I need to breathe
Whose presence I need to feel
Is unpretty

That man
The one I live with
The one I share my lips
The one I call my love
Is unpretty
My flawless unpretty lover

Desperate Heart

Desperate Heart

This whispering spound of sadness will take you away from me
I know that
This awful misery will chain my heart harshly
I know that
It is the time for the world to see who am I really are
Only slightest hope that you will stay beside me
I’m so tired to be a liar
But should I ignore my own desire?
So much pretence around us
But should I bury who makes me higher?
It is then,
The happy life is only a fairytale I’ll never in
You are gone leaving me with desperation hint

Beneath the Truths

Beneath the Truths

Take me away
Pull out the slay
I want a lay, my final lay
My time is just one tick to get
And I left all my regrets
My grave has just been set
I’m now waiting for my death

Where’s my guardian angel?
Is there really any white lighter?
They are nowhere
Where’s my truth?
It is nowhere

Because for so long, I’ve lived beneath the lies
Because for too long, I’ve prayed out of my God
And for really long, I’ve digged inside my sad

Had I said don’t leave
But who would’ve cared?
Had I yelled don’t abandon me
But who would’ve shared?
Had I screamed don’t walk away from me
But who would’ve dared?

The truths are cruel
My happiness comes from sadness
My tears comes from cheerful
And my way comes from betray

Cos for so long
I’ve lived beneath the lies
I’ve prayed out of my God
And I’ve digged inside my sad
I’ve been living lies



With such a beautiful dress
You came to me
Smiling at me
Waving and stealing the heart of me

Everything seems to be beast when you are here
Are you here to spread the peace?
You came from heaven above
Sent by the God
To teach me loving and caring
Your eyes shine like stars above
Encourage me for trying and winning

Dear God,
I have her here
There’s no more I have to fear
My life now always clear
I have her here as one of my dear



Where am I?
Let me explain to you
There are a lot of beautiful creatures here

Where is this?
Let me tell you
There are three charming princes beside me

What is this place?
Let me describe you
Now I know, I’m in heaven

But wait, hey!
Why I just stopped by?
Why can’t I stay?
Where am I?
I’m in the journey
Deep dark and long journey

Here I am!
Where am I now?
Let me explain to you
It’s dark, starky, smokey, and scary
Dweep down here, now I know, I’m in…


(Des 2010)

As your heart forever untold
Your love forever onhold
As your pasion forever unspoken
Your desire forever unmoaned

As the emptiness is yours
Your life is the cost
Your existance leaves no trace
Indeed what you will face

My Sight

My Sight

I’ve been promising to myself
I won’t look anyside from my sight
I’ve been teaching that to myself
I won’t judge anyside from my sight
I’ve been reminding that to myself
I won’t change anyside from my sight

My sight is only a piece of broken brain
Searching for solution
Just to make it still work in pain
And to get better is not an option

I’ve been in too much suffer with my sight
I’ve seen too much hunger through my sight
I’ve met a lot of trouble by my sight
I won’t think from my sight
I won’t use my sight!



Seorang dengan cerutu ditangannya
Berjalan terseok tanpa arah
Dipandangnya lampu jalan yang begitu benderang
Mata tuanya menyipit menghalau terang
Dalam benaknya,
Andai dia hidup bersahaja
Dengan rumah yang sederhana, istri yang selalu melayaninya
Dan anak-anak yang patuh padanya
Diat tidak ingin hidup mewahnya ini
Dengan istri yang pura-pura buta dan tuli
Dan anak-anak yang rakus seperti babi
Klakson sopir menyadarkannya
Sampai tersedak paru-parunya
Berharap Tuhan memanggilnya
Agar dapat hidup baru dan belajar dari hidup lamanya
Namun ia tetap pada hidupnya
Karena belum saatnya surga untuknya

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I am sure I will break my own heart
When you know I love you
That’s why it is a secret from the start
Eventhough my love so true

I’ll just see you from distant
Your happiness is what so important


Seorang gadis berlari, berusaha hilangkan gelambir dibadannya
Harus ada, harus ada pejantan yang meliriknya
Dia berlari memutari taman kota
 Semua pandangan ada pada kulitnya yang bergetar
Tanpa peduli, semangatnya tetap terbakar
Sampai basah keringat hampir terkapar
Harus ada!


Hey…Sebentar, kakiku masih ngilu… Jantungku berdebar terlalu kencang.

Ayolah Indonesia…Nak tunggu ape lagi kau? Semua dah didepan tu. Ayo cepat!

Malaysia, organ-organku sudah rusak. Aku tak bisa berlari kencang. Organku tidak kompak.

Ganti saja organ kau itu dengan yang baru. Pergi minta pada dokter Amerika tu.

Lebih baik aku mati daripada jadi robotnya (lagi), Singapura.

Sombongnya…Lihat saja.

Semua teman Indonesia tertawa.

Tertawalah yang kencang kawan, anggap saja aku tak dengar. Amerika dokter kita, namun racunlah yang diberinya. Seluruh organku bertambah parah. Tetap aku berjalan walau harus melata sekalipun. Biarkan saja organku rusak, mungkin malaikat kan bagikan ajaibnya padaku. Ini janjiku, ku kan temui kalian diujung! Tunggu saja, jalan ini masih panjang... Ucap Indonesia sambil setengah merangkak diatas kerikil tajam.

Waktu berlalu, Indonesia masih berpeluh. Terlepas dari pengaruh? Makin dalam bergumul dengan peluru.

Kali ini peluru berselubung demokrasi, bukan materi.

Beginilah bangsa yang mudah terpengaruh. Siapa berani bertaruh, jika Indonesia kan tolak negara penuh pengaruh?



Sudah terlambat
Semua sudah terlambat
Keusangan dimana-mana
Hidup sudah berkarat
Tidak jasmani, tidak pula hatinya
Apalah arti naluri jika usang tlah sampai pada saatnya?
Bukan usang jika tanpa debu
Namun mungkinkah semua kan jadi baru?
Manalah bisa, meski BARU adalah tujuan kita
Sudah susah
Susah menjadi baru
Jika usang, hanya waktu yang bisa sembuhkan?
Ataukah waktu kan memperparah perihnya?
Sedangkan waktu hanyalah harapan
Terlambat? Tak terelakkan

Nona Malam

Tatkala kau puas, aku lelah
Tiap hari hanya begini saja
Apalah raga jika untuk dijajah?
Batin pun terluka parah

Orang di kampung hanya terima uang saja
Tak tahu apa yang kujual di kota
Sekalinya tentang berita
Mereka tak pernah tanya

Mulai dari atasan sampai kelas bawah
Meraba…Menjamah…Mengharapkan tuk mendesah
Desah kepura-puraan belaka
Sudah bosan aku pastinya
Dengan sentuhan tanpa cinta


My Lord…I object
Not that I don’t love You
But I object of my life…Pathetic

My Lord…I object
Not that I’m not afraid of You
But I object of my love…I’ve been cheated

My Lord…I object
Not that I’m here against you
But I object of my way…Intricate

I object of being me
I object of being cheated
I object of being lost

My Lord…Please help and find me

Need You

The more I shy
The more I know I’m into you

The more I try
The more I know I will lose you

The more I cry
The more I know that I need you

You Remain Gone

Everytime I find the peace
The silence makes my heart sliced
I guess the fact doesn’t fit the wish
Even after I paid the price

All will be ashamed
Cos you remain gone
The beast never been tamed
And my sun never been found


I’m still here
After so many adventures
I’m still here
After so much following
Still…I’m here

No matter what
I’ll be here
Still be here
Cos I’m here…Always here…

I’m in Love

I’m shining
I’m smiling
I’m flying
I’m in love

I’m hoping
I’m crying
I’m dying
Of course I am, I’m in love


It couldn’t be faked
It couldn’t be changed
It only could if we try
It could be shiny
It could be teary
As way as Lord wanted me

There’s no protest about it
Cos I have to face it
And walk in the way of it
Maybe only little tears on it
But I have to erase it
As well as I erased my pain
So I can still be tall
To stand up against the wall
And do the thing that I shall
Without any help that I should call

Cos every of God’s want
Always keeps message to found
And makes us realize about the sound
That surrounds us to make an account

No One but You

And when I fall
I want no one to help me
I want no one to save me
but you

And when I lost
I want no one to find me
I want no one to guide me
but you

And when I’m broken
I want no one to heal me
I want no one to hug me
but you


Sometimes I’m afraid to dream about somethings
I just can’t bear it if I fell off that dream
I feel numb to hear that reality stings
Afraid of failure that’s what I seem
I may dream too high, I just cannot fall too deep

Once I’ve dreamt about star
But I didn’t catch that dream just in time
It left me a scar
Just like stuck in a crime
And sadness won’t be so far

Broken Wings

From what I have and feel, I know you love me still
But from what I hear and see, you’re not here with me
You’ve broken my wings!

If my wings have to be broken, I’ll take it without any offer
I won’t let go of them, cos I want to live with them
Until It’s over!

I don’t want to burn my own wings of love with a false feeling
Eventhough I can not have you, maybe I could still be dreaming
That someday…
I could give my own heart a special part of yours without anything for turning

I’m Not that Strong

My Lord…
Where do I find a sacred love?
My Lord…
Where do I search this secret heart?

My Lord…
Am I wrong to demand You?
Am I wrong to demand a great soul to be loved?
Am I wrong to let go my heart to be torched?
Cos I’m not that strong to let go my own heart
Am I wrong to blame You?
Cos I’m not strong enough to go on

My Lord…
Why you give me love, if it just to be let go?

Your Magic

I’m trapped in a multisource of desire
When I’m with you
It’s like you set me on fire
When I see you

Is it horrible how people could get naughty?
I don’t think they agree when they ever saw you
Is it horrible how people could show feelings freely?
Cos I must say that your magic is true
And I believe they will understand when they meet you

Another Day, Another Way

Another day has left me behind
I could even see my darkness
The same thing is only the sun
I wonder why I always in sadness

This is my tears that coming
I’m full of cries
My spirit is never rising
It dried by the lies

Another task another try
Another fault another sin
Another day another way

Let it be noted,
That another day means another way
Even with the same sin, same thought and same fault

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Everything

My everythings say that you are the one

My body needs you
My heart loves you
My mind wants you
My soul feels you

But Yours


When my memory seems too burdened
I’ll sweep all of my remembrances
But yours

Hugging You

Don't have to see the face
Don't need to hear the voice
From the hug you'll know it's me

My face will be aged
My voice could be gone
But it would still be me hugging you

Living Every Moment


What was yesterday if you don’t have today?
What be tomorrow if you didn’t have yesterday?
Live life wholly…
Present is lovely!

What would be next if you can’t feel now?
What should be now if you couldn’t pass the last?
Feel every single moment
In patient yet passionate

Because success is to fall in fail
And fail is to crawl to success
Living life fully is the key

Where Are You Now?


I used to hang around with you
Right here, over there, everywhere
We used to giggle over our stupidities
Right here, over there, everywhere
Where are you now?
I’m sure I have a right to ask



I have once been told
That life contains of many stories
And I guess you knew it surely
Some parts of mine are gone with the vanished you

I’ve Never Been in Love


So many questions harshing my mind
Where, when, who, how and why
Completely losing my sanity
Was answering myself then, NOT YET!

So many peoples kept chasing me
Where, when, who, how and why
Completely making me ill
Was yelling then, NOT YET!

If I could only beg one thing
Where, when, who, how and why
Completely God, I’m only nothing
So please, make thos NOT YET become YET
Because I like him now

Friday, June 3, 2011

Think About You


I can’t scratch my pen
I’m busy thinking…
I don’t want to write anything
I just want to think
Think about you…



You cutting me slowly
Why don’t you just stab me precisely?
You’re killing me gently
Why don’t you just shot me accurately?
You annihilate me with your rejection

What a massive explosion you gave me
Wracking thousand pieces of my heart
I’m trembling with tears, you see!
You torture me when we’re apart



I’ve conquered my own soul
It searched for you long time before
I’ve conquered my feelings
They long for you as always

I could never resist you lover, I admit!
But I will shut the door, I commit!

Hurts as always, to have you
I should let you go…



What is it in the air?
Everything seems like, PERFECT
This soft breeze waving my hair
Opening my mind to feel like, I CAN MAKE IT

I am me
I’m here and I’m SOLID

My heels tapping on the wet ground
“Tap…tap…tap,” So beautiful in such of this solely
I know I’m PRO right now

I’m tapping on my spirit
Encourage it on fire
Hello world, I’m PRO from now!



This feeling surrounds me
Makes me hear symphony
Makes me see beauty in me
Makes me touch honesty
Makes me feel free

This feeling surrounds me
Would give me a crown
Would show me the one
Would send him in town
Wouldn’t let me down

This feeling surrounds me
Do not know what to expect
Do not know what I protect
All I know…I got everything I want to get

This feeling surrounds me
I don’t know what to explain
When he’s here I have no pain
When he smiles, I feel no drained
Blood rushing my heart and vein

This feeling surrounds me
Want me to hug him
Want me to kiss him
Want me to want him

This feeling surrounds me
Could it be love?

Sebuah Kesimpulan


Seorang gadis bertanya pada ibunya,
"Mengapa Ibu menangis saat ayah menyentuh pipi ibu?"
Sang Ibu menjawab
"Ibu terharu dibelai oleh ayahmu."
Sang anak bingung
"Dibelai sampai menangis?"
Sang Ibu meralat
"Belaiannya terlalu besar, Nak!"
Selang beberapa, sang gadis kembali bertanya
"Ayah sangat kasar! Ibu temanku tidak menangis saat dibelai ayahnya."
Sang Ibu menjawab
"Ayah tidak kasar, hanya tegas!"

Rotten Smile


I was having my walk today
Watching over the beautiful park
Sweeping the landscape of clay
With my eyes then I saw you there
Giving me your rotten smile

I always imagine someone else
Hugging me, smiling at me
Neither you nor your rotten smile
The hard reality couldn't even recount my pain

I'm stuck with you
Your rotten smile haunts me down
ever you realize that you are rotten to me?



If love could only be a word to say
Then why you loved me once?

If you loved me as you said
Then why you left?

If you wanted me as you said
Then why you were away?

If love could only be a dream to have
Then why you are here now?

If love could only just confuse me
Then why I know I want you for sure?

If love could only be a game to play
Then why I know it’s real this whole time?

Why? So many why…
Too many whys!

Tidak Berminat


Apa yang bisa kuharap darimu?
Semisal aku butuh belaian, mampukah kau memberinya?
Saat kubutuh pelukan, maukah kau mewujudkannya?
Tanda tanya besar wahai lelaki!

Jangan menuduhku, lelaki!
Aku tidak berminat padamu, itu saja sudah!
Karena kau terlalu biasa
Kau tak mampu menggoncang hatiku dengan sentuhanmu
Kau tak mampu menimbulkan gugup dihatiku

Kau hanya…KAU, dimataku!
Tidak lebih
Aku tidak berminat! Itu saja sudah



Saat tatap mata lembutnya memandangku
Aku terbakar cinta
Melihatnya menyunggingkan senyum
Seketika aku terhempas cinta
Kecup lembut bibirnya membuatku terkapar
Karena cinta
Terlalu indah saat disisinya
Sampai kurasa disiksa
Aku takut kehilangannya
Sampai kurasa merana
Cinta menguasaiku!

Sejak Kapan


Sejak kapan cinta butuh harta?
Sejak kapan cinta memandang status sosial?
Bukankah aku dan kamu saja sudah saling melengkapi?

Kala aku menantimu selalu saja ada penghalang,
Kali ini Ia bernama DENDAM

All Me for You


If only I could say that I was born for you
If only I could say that I’m in love with you
Never care of what I’ve said this feeling is all I know

No matter what kind of destiny we’re into
No matter what kind of fate lead us to
I will always there for you…wanting you

And in this moment that I will sacrifice
In this moment that I will give all up
Myself to you…myself to you

These eyes want your deep stare
These hands want your sweet care
These lips want tender kiss
This heart loaded with miss
Baby, you all I need
Baby, I’m all you need

No matter what kind of tale we’re into
No matter what kind of scene lead us to
I will always feel for you…loving you

And in this moment that I will magnify
In this moment that I will dignify
My love for you…
All me for you

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dead - Translation of Tanpa Judul (Mati)


It was still early really
He dreamed to die already
All is only the pretence of happy
Inside, only misery
If death is what he aim to
Then let him have it, though
It will be his first wish ever comes true 

Deserted - Translation of SEPI

Wake me up when the twilight has left
When everyone fallen in sleeps
And the world in resting

So I can aside for awhile
Aside how muted I am in crowd
Aside how useless my existence between lives

Monday, May 30, 2011



Dear dearest amongst other dearests,

Amongst thousands of thousands stars
You’re the first and brightest of other brightests  
Amongst the bravest of bravest hearts
Yours not only kindest but also flawless

(Inspired by Damian Lewis actings in Band of Brothers)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011



His stare was stark
We'd never know what behind his eyes
We'd never know what in his deepest mind
He looked up,
His tears fell down
The red rose tattoo in his right arm
With the scorpion one in his left could not cover his downfall feelings

We know he's tired
We can see it from his eyes
He used to be tough, he used to be strong
He fades his spirit away

Just don't give, you can't give up

Monday, May 23, 2011

My In-Law


He roles like baby
Playing hearts like he's ready
To lose his deary

Your bro not that boy
Played with my heart like it's toy
You're a pain, he's a joy

My brother-in-law
If no heart wants you, then how?
Grow up will you now!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crashed Bash

Crashed crush
Missed bash

The Life

Our cries are their way
Our laughs cause their sad
Are we going to stay?
I think they'll never mind about that

From night until day
But we still stuck in the same raid
All of precious ways turn to grey
They have no heart to be laid

While they're enjoying their singings
Our breakfast done at supper
They may have strength with things
But we're stronger by suffer

But what they got is illusion
By the time they're in our position
Since people have their own portion
There will be no way even for regression
Cos will be too late for asking remission

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wishing in Sizzling and Crying in Howling

A pretty Fox regaining her strength in cold
She lies on a trunk in moss and mold
She turns her head, looking for someone to hold
But she always alone, about that, she's never been told

A medium length snake discovers the rainforest
Almost a mile, he found a sparkling frog
He chases the frog and slithering to the west
He thought, "Too old for that," when froggie jumped over a log

The Fox and The Snake
They both lone and awake
See their reflection on a lake
Miserable is all they can take

"I'm alone and I'm in cold," The Fox howling
"I'm old and loathed," sizzling The Snake
They both, though, keep on going
Looking for something as their birthday cake

Tenderness is expensive
Company is rare and too provocative
As Fox seizing the night, she keeps howling
"I wish I'm not the only one to feel this hollow"
While Snake still wandering
"Would there be another with this unlucky sorrow?"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


She was making love with him the other night
Without protection she felt alright
Yesterday she found herself worried instead of proud
Cos she was sure that she hasn’t got IT this month
Today doctor said, “Congratulation. You’re going to be a mom.”
“Uh-Oh”, that’s all she could say
Realized that she’s only sixteenth just today!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Body and Soul Amendment


For the deep inhales are for the fresh air
I put my flab in flare
By stretch, stand, and lay
The exhales scared the negatives away
My soul soon be healed I know
As I stiffen my muscles and bow
The beautify of silence is the best rhyme
Along with the body that sings in time
Yoga is what my advertisement
Of health in and on mind amendment

"This poetry made for contest in YOGA theme."

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Don't have money
Nothing mine's fancy
But I'm still richie
Cos I got honey

I'm not weary
I'm not angry
Just very happy
Cos I got sweetie

I know how love could kill me
Life and love, they both tricky
but they can't make me blurry
Cos I got you, to be called baby