Thursday, September 8, 2011

He is a Hero

He is a Hero


Leader’s defame, one thing we can’t resist
Remember, that One ever suspected communist,
Another One hid behind father’s name,
Next One, took his seat for granted,
And this One, trying too hard to fame
But those were nothing wrong, we had red
Never born clean politicians were, I believe it
Or they were, until they captured in tricky mist

Why hating him so much?
Look at yourselves and your bluntly words
Keep saying name of God, to got us touched
Please! We already know your chords

Atleast he led us to roar back, to set the trend
Now, you can’t even fulfill your promises
What? Would’ve never thought back then?
Run a country none like dealing private crisis

Please show us more hypocrisy
So you can add more sugar to your so called democracy
Despite of his corruption judication,
He faught well for this country
Now tell me, which politician hasn’t tasted that seduction?

I believe if you recalculate,
His efforts will overly climb his mistakes
No need all the debates,
He deserves to be called hero, that’s it!

*About former President of Indonesia, Soeharto (1921-1998).
I believe that every people who faught for one’s country deserved the HERO tag, despite of all his mistakes and corruption or whatsoever they’ve said -which in these days still a trend.-
            I’m aware that this writing will have a lot of critics. Well, I just spoke up what I observed. If you’re not agree with it, make your own verse, that’s it! J

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